Already ventured out to sleepy Peng Chau and beach-hopped across sunny Sai Kung? Luckily, Hong Kong is a strategic launching off point for a number of attractive destinations in Asia. Here’s the Cheapo-certified guide to the best beach getaways, all via direct flights under HK$2,000.00.

Note: While we do our best to ensure all information is correct, pricing and visa rules are subject to change at any time.

Nha Trang, Vietnam

From as low as HK$1,313.00 (roundtrip)
2 hours 15 minutes
Book via Hong Kong Express

One of the world’s longest cable car rides in Nha Trang, Vietnam. | Photo by ErmakovaElena/iStock via Getty Images

Get lost in the (fish) sauce in Nha Trang, southern Vietnam’s most well-known seaside town. While the spotlight often shines on the bustling metropolises of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Nha Trang remains vastly underrated. This gem of southern Vietnam beckons with pristine beaches, historic temples, and plenty of opportunities for scuba diving and snorkelling alike.

Must do

Relax in the mud baths of Thap Ba. The water here boasts various minerals said to improve skin elasticity and moisture retention. Book here.

Where to stay

Azura Gold Hotel and Apartment

Offers ocean-view rooms

Entry requirements and considerations

  • Vietnam is visa-free for citizens of Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and the United Kingdom, among others. However, holders of Hong Kong S.A.R. and PRC passports are required to apply for a visa in advance. A single-entry visa will set you back US$25.
  • Thanks to Vietnam’s E-visa portal, the process is simple and applications are said to be processed within 3 working days. However, it’s best to submit your application a month or more in advance if you can to avoid any issues.

Cebu, The Philippines

From as low as HK$1,450.00 (roundtrip)
2 hours 50 minutes
Book via Cebu Pacific

Whale sharks in Cebu, Philippines. | Photo by Quinn Patrick/iStock via Getty Images

Some of the best beaches in the world can be found in The Philippines, so it’s no surprise that Cebu is up there on our list of the most gorgeous (and Cheapo-friendly) destinations to head to from Hong Kong. Popular for island-hopping and diverse marine life, including gentle giant whale sharks, this is a prime spot for a leisurely getaway.

Must do

Go canyoneering at Kawasan Falls. Ideal for adventure sports enthusiasts, canyoneering combines trekking, scrambling, rock hopping, down climbing, navigation and cliff jumping, water slides and swimming all into one. Book here.

Where to stay

MLK Bamboo Beachhouse

Short drive away from Kawasan Falls

Entry requirements and considerations

Phuket, Thailand

From as low as HK$1,500.00 (roundtrip)
3 hours 35 minutes
Book via Hong Kong Express, Air Asia, or Cathay Pacific

Big Buddha statue in Phuket, Thailand. | Photo by Jitti Narksompong/iStock via Getty images

Become one with the ocean and never stop partying on Phuket, Thailand’s most popular island getaway. Nestled in the Andaman Sea, Phuket offers a wide range of activities for families, couples, and solo-trippers alike. For the night owls, Phuket transforms into a nocturnal playground. The island’s vibrant nightlife comes alive with beachfront parties, world-renowned clubs, and a kaleidoscope of entertainment options. Meanwhile, water sports aficionados will find everything from exhilarating jet-ski rides to tranquil paddleboarding sessions.

Must do

Set off on a snorkelling speedboat tour of the scenic Koh Khai Islands. Just 15 minutes off the eastern coast of Phuket, these islands offer spectacular coral reefs. Book here.

Where to stay

Coco Retreat Phuket Resort and Spa – SHA Plus

Two outdoor pools

Entry requirements and considerations

Okinawa, Japan

From as low as HK$1,577.00 (roundtrip)
2 hours 40 minutes
Book via Hong Kong Express

View from Ikei Ohashi Bridge connecting Miyagi Island and Ikei Island, Okinawa. | Photo by cf2/iStock via Getty Images

Renowned for crystal-clear waters, centuries-old castles, and a unique food culture, Okinawa is a dream destination for any island-head. While travelling here can get pricey, it is more than possible to explore Okinawa on a Cheapo budget. Drink in that Kerama Blue— named for Okinawa’s stunning Kerama Islands— and let your worries melt away.

Must do

Go diving in the Kerama Islands. This whole area is a national marine park, boasting a rich ecosystem and almost no light pollution, making it ideal for stargazing. Book here.

Where to stay

Art Hotel Ishigakijima

Public bath, sauna facilities and a seasonal outdoor pool

Entry requirements and considerations

Jeju Island

From as low as HK$1,893.00 (roundtrip)
3 hours
Book via Hong Kong Express

Stone figures around Jeju Island, South Korea. | Photo by Markofit/iStock via Getty Images

Boasting lava tubes and intrepid women divers, Jeju delivers the perfect combination of island vibes and cultural hotspots. There’s no shortage of dramatic landscapes and stunning beaches here. Give yourself ample time to soak it all in.

Must do

Visit Jeju’s top cultural and natural sites. From the Manjanggul Lava Tube, a designated natural monument, to Seongeup Folk Village, a living heritage site, touring Jeju by car is the best way to maximise your time and cover the most ground. Book here.

Where to stay

Hotel Kenny Seogwipo

Conveniently located in Seogwipo City

Entry requirements and considerations

  • Jeju Island has different visa rules from the rest of South Korea. Notably, Jeju is visa-free for the vast majority of passport-holders, with Hong Kong S.A.R. passport-holders granted 90 days. Find more detailed information here.
  • The Republic of Korea is visa-free for Hong Kong S.A.R. passport-holders (up to 90 days). From 1 April 2023 to 31 December 2024, Hongkongers are not required to hold a Korea Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA) either. Make sure to consult the official website.
  • PRC passport-holders do need to apply for a visa in advance. However, the visa fee is waived as of September 2023. Find further information on the official website.
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