Don your best cosplay and get your art supplies out. Shop for diverse flavours, home goods, and the latest tech products. Let your hair down and sway to the beat at the city’s wettest music festival. If nothing else, you can always chill by the harbour! This August is all about summer fun.

Exhibitions and Festivals

Ani-Com and Games

28 July–1 August, 2023

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The Ani-Com and Games convention is the largest gathering of anime fans and gamers in town. Taking place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in Wan Chai, this year’s four-day event will feature a cosplay contest, an anime figure design competition, an original comic contest and more.

Harbour Chill Carnival

Until 6 August, 2023
Free entry

From music shows to extreme sports, and street performances to local snacks, the Wan Chai harbourfront will come alive with exciting events and renewed energy each weekend. Not only is admission completely free, but the wide range of family-friendly activities means there’s something for everybody.


Hong Kong Brands and Products Shopping Festival

4–7 August, 2023
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From tax-free retail therapy to diverse shopping neighbourhoods, there’s no denying Hong Kong’s status as a premier global shopping destination.

This August, the Hong Kong Brands and Products Shopping Festival marks its return with over 300 booths at AsiaWorld-Expo. Explore different arenas like the Leisure Food Zone, Health Preserving Food Zone, Living and Household Products Zone, Fashion and Beauty Products Zone, and Trendy Life Zone.

Food Expo

17–21 August, 2023
From HK$10.00
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Head to Wan Chai’s Exhibition and Convention Centre for a food extravaganza. Expect to see booths showcasing distinctive, specialty foods from various parts of the world, including but not limited to Aomori, Chongqing, Sichuan and beyond.

Alongside the Food Expo, two other exciting public fairs, the Home Delights Expo and the Beauty and Wellness Expo, will be running concurrently. Get all your shopping done at once!

Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival 2023

25–28 August, 2023
From HK$35.00
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The most significant exhibition of its kind in Hong Kong, the Computer and Communications Festival showcases the latest tech products available to tech-heads and casual consumers alike. There are several different zones to discover depending on your interests. Dive into the Web3 Asia Sport Tech and Esports Experience Zone, where virtual reality and esports collide, or explore the 5G and Green Tech Zone, where environmentally conscious innovations take center stage.

Live Music and Performance

S2O Hong Kong Songkran Music Festival

5–6 August, 2023
From HK$1,228.00
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Songkran, typically held in April in Thailand and across the Thai diaspora, celebrates the start of the new year in the Buddhist calendar. The festival’s most iconic element is no doubt the spirited water fights, where participants drench each other in water to cleanse and purify for the year ahead. Another renowned event is the S2O or Songkran Music Festival, which began in 2015 and features an impressive lineup of EDM, dance and pop artists. Since its inception, this festival has been successfully hosted in various places including Japan and South Korea.

This summer, for the first time ever, S20 will be held in Hong Kong. From DJ Ben Nicky to electronic dance duo Krewella, expect a fun and lively vibe. There will also be a second stage showcasing local artists, with a non-wet zone for people to relax and enjoy tunes while recovering from the main splash zone.

Magic Tea House 2.0 – Dreams of the Future

Until 31 August, 2023
From HK$288.00
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What does the future hold for Cantonese opera? This innovative production presents a thought-provoking frame story that takes you on a journey through time alongside a Cantonese opera actor. Witness his contemplations as he envisions the future of this timeless art form in a rapidly evolving, increasingly digital world.

Chinese Opera Festival 2023

Until 8 October, 2023
From HK$288.00
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With a history spanning over ten centuries, Chinese opera is a traditional form of musical theater that has influenced numerous other forms of performing arts. It combines music, singing, acting, acrobatics, martial arts, and elaborate costumes and makeup to create visually striking performances enjoyed by all ages.

Here in Hong Kong, the 2023 edition of the Chinese Opera Festival will showcase different genres of traditional Chinese opera. The grand finale of the Festival will be a series of performances of traditional Cantonese Opera, which will take place at a large bamboo theatre constructed at Victoria Park. Not in the mood for theatre? Expect talks, meet-the-artists sessions, exhibitions and film screenings as well.

Arts and Culture

International Arts Carnival

14 July–13 August, 2023

The annual International Arts Carnival attracts world-class performing arts groups from across the globe. This year, there will be family-friendly performances by artists from Australia, Spain, South Korea, and more. Highlights include a new ballet theatre production, an orchestra mixing humour with classical music, and an immersive dance theatre experience designed to amuse and delight babies.

Want to know which arts events to add to your calendar? Check out our guide.

Hungry Ghost Festival

30 August, 2023

The Hungry Ghost Festival emerges from ancient Taoist and Buddhist beliefs that during the Ghost Month in the lunar calendar’s seventh month, spirits of ancestors and restless souls roam the earthly realm. In Hong Kong, offerings of food are presented to appease the hungry ghosts, while incense and candles are lit to guide them back to the afterlife. You will see people burning joss paper and spirit money, as well as paper effigies of clothing, food, cigarettes, and more. It’s tradition to keep to a vegetarian diet during this time, and the festivities further encompass live performances, including Cantonese opera and folk dances.

Vital Signs at Tai Kwun

Until 3 September, 2023
Free entry
Event page

Step into the captivating world of neon at Vital Signs, an exhibition that celebrates Hong Kong’s iconic visual identity. Designed as an immersive sensory journey, the exhibition guides visitors through the city’s neon-lit streetscapes through time, shining a light on districts such as Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, and Tsim Sha Tsui. See over 20 meticulously preserved and reimagined neon signs, on display for the very first time by local neon heritage group Tetra Neon Exchange.

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