Here’s how to get to Sai Kung — where locals go to escape the city.

Known as the “back garden of Hong Kong”, Sai Kung’s vibrant green hills, stunning beaches, endless hiking trails, and fishing villages all result in a complete contrast to the crowded streets of town. If you’re in need of a breath of fresh air, Sai Kung is well worth the visit.

How to get to Sai Kung from Hong Kong: The basics

There are a few different ways to get to Sai Kung, depending on where you are coming from and how much money you want to spend. Regardless of route, bear in mind that Sai Kung gets very busy on weekends and public holidays, especially if the weather is good. Prepare to queue for buses or taxis, and make sure to also account for this when planning your return journey. Oh, and definitely try to avoid the peak travel times.

ModeCost (approx.)Travel time
MTR and minibusFrom HK$20.00~1 hour
MTR and busFrom HK$20.00~90 minutes
TaxiFrom HK$230.00~35 minutes
MTR and taxiFrom HK$150.00~45 minutes

MTR and bus: The most accessible option

The 101M Minibus from Hang Hau MTR.

The MTR is undeniably one of the most convenient modes of public transport in Hong Kong, but there is currently no station in Sai Kung. Instead, there are several other MTR stations and minibus routes you can choose, depending where you’re coming from. Minibuses are renowned for being on the wilder side of driving, especially the red ones, but most of them have working seat belts these days, which is comforting.

Suggested MTR and bus routes to get to Sai Kung

Getting from Hang Hau to Sai Kung

From HK$20.00
~1 hour

On the Tseung Kwan O Line, Hang Hau is the closest MTR station to Sai Kung. It’s easily reached from the island in about 30 minutes, or from Kowloon side in around 38 minutes. Head out of Exit B1 for the public transport interchange. From there, you can hop on the 101M green minibus and stay on until the last stop which is the minibus terminus by Sai Kung Pier (a few minutes walk from Sai Kung town).

Getting from Choi Hung to Sai Kung

From HK$20.00
~50 minutes

Alternatively, head to Choi Hung Station on the Kwun Tong Line, walk out of Exit C2 (the Sai Kung minibus is under the exit info) and take the 1A green minibus. Stay on until the last stop which will bring you to a different bus stop closer to Sai Kung Pier, next to the taxi stands (good to know, should you need a cab later).

Getting from Mong Kok / Yau Ma Tei to Sai Kung

From HK$23.00
~1 hour

There’s also the red minibus from the Mong Kok / Ya Ma Tei area on Dundas Street. Ya Ma Tei is the closer MTR station and is just a few minutes walk (from Exit E2), but Mong Kok Station is a bit further and is about a 9-minute walk from the bus stop.

Getting from Causeway Bay to Sai Kung

~40 minutes

If you’re heading to Sai Kung for the evening, you can get a red minibus all the way from Causeway Bay directly to Sai Kung. The stop is located around the corner from Times Square on Canal Road East. The bus doesn’t have a number and the stop is not that obvious, but if you turn right onto Canal Road East from Russell Street, then walk towards the 7-11, you’ll see a small bus stop sign.

This route doesn’t start operating until 5 p.m. and doesn’t leave until it’s full, which affects frequency. It costs HK$28.00 and despite being able to use your Octopus Card for almost anything in HK, these buses still typically only accept cash (the driver will give you change). This is a good option for returning from Sai Kung, but watch out for the queues.

Getting from Diamond Hill to Sai Kung

From HK$17.00
~1.5 hours

If you prefer bigger (and slower) buses, you can get the 92 from Diamond Hill (Exit C2). There is also the 792M from Tseung Kwan O MTR Station (Exit A1). Both take you to the bus terminus in Sai Kung and are more comfortable than a minibus but they will take a bit longer (around 50 minutes to an hour depending on traffic).

Taxi: The most expensive (but convenient) option

~HK$250.00 to HK$300.00
~35 minutes

The red and green taxi stands in Sai Kung.

You can take a taxi from most places around HK island, but you may need to wait at a Kowloon taxi stand as some of the island drivers don’t like to make the journey to Sai Kung. A taxi will set you back around HK$250.00 to HK$300.00 depending where you get it from and traffic conditions.

To make this option a little cheaper, you can do part of the journey by train. Head to Hang Hau MTR then walk through the bus terminal to the taxi stand and take a green taxi. Red taxis are also available but green taxis know the area better (and are a bit cheaper). This is still a more expensive option than the bus (around HK$110.00), but if you’re in a group it can work out the same price as a beer or snack once you divide up the fare. Either way, the journey takes about 35 minutes from HK side or 20 minutes from Hang Hau, if there’s no traffic (and that is a big “if” in peak travel times).

Frequently asked questions

Is Sai Kung worth visiting?

Explore one of Sai Kung’s many beaches.

Definitely! Whether you’re just visiting Hong Kong or you live here, Sai Kung is a total contrast from the city. It’s a great opportunity to see some of Hong Kong’s natural beauty that not many tourists get to see.

What can I do once I get there?

There’s something for everyone in Sai Kung. If it’s food and drinks that you’re after, take a wander around the town and check out the local cafés and restaurants. Sai Kung is famous for its fresh-off-the-boat seafood — so add that to the list too.

If you want to see more nature, get yourself on a hiking trail or to a beach. You can get a boat from Sai Kung Pier and head to one of the many beaches dotted round the peninsula. Or you can take a taxi or bus to the Sai Kung Country Park and hike around there, plus you can include a beach in your hike.

There is also the UNESCO Hong Kong Geopark, which is well worth a visit. The park features geographical rock formations, protected conservation areas, and education facilities. It also offers activities such as kayaking or glass-bottomed boat tours.

Can you stay overnight there?

If you were looking to make a weekend out of your trip, there are currently two hotels around the Sai Kung area, the WM Hotel and the Pier Hotel. There are also plenty of camping spots for when the weather is cooler.

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