Embrace the moody Wong Kar Wai esthetic, and don a qipao while exploring the streets of Hong Kong.

Crafted in silk and adorned with intricate embroidery and patterns, qipao showcase the richness of Chinese design. Not only that, but they also photograph incredibly well against Hong Kong’s stunning cityscape of ladder streets and centuries-old stone wall trees.

So if you want to rent a qipao and take photos, where should you go? Here’s our roundup of the best qipao rental services in Hong Kong.

The best qipao and cheongsam rental in Hong Kong

Elegant and timeless, the qipao, also known as the cheongsam in Cantonese, is a traditional Chinese dress that originated in 1920s Shanghai. This form-fitting garment typically features a high mandarin collar, fitted bodice, and a slit skirt.

From qipao designs to photoshoot locations (and of course, price), there’s a few different things to consider when looking for the perfect qipao experience for you.

Below, we have a quick comparison of the best qipao rental services in Hong Kong:

ShopLocationPriceInclusions and PerksSizesLinks
20s (貳拾年華)CentralFrom HK$280.00Offers hair styling and makeup services. Indoor and outdoor photoshoots available. Men’s and kids’ sizes available. Families and larger groups can also avail of 20s services.S-5XLBook online
Lung SheungCauseway BayFrom HK$313.00Offers hair styling and makeup services. Selection includes a wide variety of qipao, including both traditional and contemporary designs.S-XLBook online
Yan Shang Kee (嫣裳記)CentralFrom HK$380.00Price includes hair styling services. Going beyond the traditional, qipao made using Japanese fabrics, and with design details such as fun patterns and sheer lace trims can also be rented.S-3XLBook online

20s: For the widest range of sizes

From HK$280.00
Also takes bookings for families and larger groups.
Book online

Get all dressed up and have somewhere to go with a qipao rental and photography experience offered by 20s Hong Kong. This lovely little boutique feels personal and intimate, capturing Hong Kong’s old-world charm right in the heart of the CBD.

Also, while cheongsam are not the most forgiving garments, 20s offers the best range of sizes, catering to up to 5XL.

Close up photo of Chinese cheongsam collar. | Photo by lnzyx/iStock via Getty Images

Lung Sheung: For photos with eclectic backgrounds

From HK$313.00
Dresses are made locally with input from local artists.
Book online

Causeway Bay may be synonymous with shopping, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on photogenic spots. In fact, the Lung Sheung shop itself is as shutter-friendly as can be.

Moreover, while many other boutiques do not actually produce garments in Hong Kong — a lot of clothes manufacturing has moved to the mainland and elsewhere — Lung Sheung proudly offers qipao and cheongsam made in the 852.

Yan Shang Kee: For styles both local and international

From HK$380.00
Fabrics come from Japan, Suzhou, and Hangzhou, and are flown to Shanghai to be tailored. Look forward to bold designs and quirky accents.
Book online

Yan Shang Kee offers daily rentals of qipao and cheongsam, starting from 9 a.m. and ending at 6 p.m. Hair styling is included in the experience.

For a peek at the kinds of photographs you can expect, browse their website.

Bonus: Qipao rental in Macau

From HK$350.00
Includes a qipao, handbag, hair accessory, and traditional hand fan, as well as basic hair styling. Other services, such as professionally done makeup, can be purchased on top.
Book online

You heard it here first: Macau is a highly underrated photo spot. With its blend of Portuguese, Chinese, and vernacular architecture, mixed with rustic yet refined azulejos tiles around every corner, there are lots of hidden nooks and crannies ideal for upping your Instagram game. Plus, it’s super easy to get to from Hong Kong.

So, go ahead and rent that qipao, and get snapping.

Find the perfect qipao for you. | Photo by lnzyx/iStock via Getty Images

Frequently asked questions about qipao rental in Hong Kong

How much does it cost to rent a qipao in Hong Kong?

Renting a qipao can costs anywhere between HK$280.00 to well over HK$2,000.00 depending on the duration of renting, type of garment, and services you opt for, including hair styling, makeup, accessory rental, and more. Generally speaking, you can customize the experience based on your budget and wants.

Is it common to wear qipao?

These days, you’re more likely to see people in Hong Kong wearing qipao for special occasions, such as weddings and funerals, and photoshoots.

What’s difference between a qipao and cheongsam?

These words are used more or less interchangeably. “Qipao” is Mandarin, while “cheongsam” is Cantonese. “Cheongsam” may refer to the item of clothing generally worn by men: a long, tunic-like garment with a similar form-fitting vibe as a qipao.

Can I buy qipao?

Yes, certainly. The shops listed above stock qipao for sale. You can also get a tailormade qipao at various boutiques around town (be warned: these don’t come cheap).

Top recommendations include Mee Wah Qipao and Linva Tailor (the latter crafted Maggie Cheung’s qipao in the iconic In the Mood for Love).

Pro tip: If you’re traveling to Japan, make sure to check out our guide to kimono rental.

While we do our best to ensure it’s correct, information is subject to change. Post first published in June 2024.

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