If Blade Runner-style postcard shots and rows of street market stalls come up mind when you think of Hong Kong, Mong Kok is the Instagram spot you’re looking for.

When you’re ready for all that Mong Kok has to offer, here are the best ways to travel from Hong Kong Airport to arguably the busiest place in Hong Kong.

Fastest: Airport Express + MTR

Airport Station > Tsing Yi Station > Mong Kok Station (~30 minutes)

You can take the Airport Express (teal line) from Hong Kong International Airport all the way to Tsing Yi Station (14 minutes).

When you arrive at Tsing Yi Station, you can switch to Tung Chung Line (orange line) towards Hong Kong and get off at Lai King Station. Then, change platforms at Lai King Station to Tsuen Wan Line (red line) and take the train to Mong Kok Station (towards Central direction).

Price and tickets

Klook travel app offers discounts on Airport Express tickets. A single journey ticket to Tsing Yi Station on Klook is HK$50.00 (original price HK$70.00) and a return ticket between Tsing Yi Station and Airport Station is HK$88.00(original price HK$120.00). Just download the QR code and swipe at the gate to enter and leave the station.

The ticket from Tsing Yi Station to Mong Kok Station is HK$9.50. When you use an Octopus travel card, the journey costs only HK$8.50.

Mong Kok at night
Mong Kok at night | Photo by iStock.com/Starcevic

Alternative: Airport Express + shuttle bus

Airport Station > Kowloon Station > free shuttle bus (~45 minutes)

Another way to go to Mong Kok from the airport is by taking the Airport Express (teal line) to Kowloon Station (22 minutes). The Airport Express provides free shuttle bus service from Kowloon Station to major hotels around Kowloon including Mong Kok. Check the closest hotel stop from your destination on the Airport Express website.

Price and tickets

A single journey to Kowloon Station is HK$80.00 and a return between Kowloon Station and Airport Station is HK$135.00 if you purchase Airport Express tickets on Klook.

Easiest: Airport bus

Airport > Mong Kok (50 minutes)

Airport runs multiple bus routes that ferry passengers from the airport to the city. Airport bus A21 will take you along Nathan Road in Kowloon and stops at major places like Argyle Centre, Bank Centre and Sino Centre in Mong Kok. A20 runs a similar route but will detour via Cheung Sha Wan area.

Use the NWST Bus website or app to see all the stops from Hong Kong Airport and Mong Kok and check its timetable.


A one-way bus journey is HK$33.00

Cheapest: Airport Bus + MTR

Airport > Tung Chung > Mong Kok (~80 minutes)

You can take one of the S buses that runs between the airport and Tung Chung Station, the nearest MTR station to the airport excluding the stations on the Airport Express Line.

S1 is the most frequent one (HK$3.50). Get off at Tung Chung Station and take the Tung Chung Line (orange line) towards Hong Kong. Switch to Tsuen Wan Line (red line) towards Central at Lai King Station. Get off at Mong Kok Station.


The fare of the journey is HK$20.00 but is slightly cheaper (HK$17.40) if you use an Octopus Card.

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