Central is a place harmonious contradictions. It’s the financial heart of Hong Kong by day and the city’s nightlife mecca by night. It has some of the swankiest skyscrapers as well as some of the oldest buildings in town. It’s also on a territory farthest from the airport, but is incredibly easy to get to.

Here are the best ways to travel from Hong Kong International Airport to Central.

Fastest and easiest: Airport Express

hong kong airport to central
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Airport Station to Hong Kong Station (~25 minutes/HK$86.00)

Getting from Hong Kong Airport to Central is very straightforward. The most direct way is to take the Airport Express (teal line) to Hong Kong Station (24 minutes).

You can either exit Hong Kong Station to reach IFC Mall in Central. Or you can walk to Central Station (10 minutes) to access other parts of Central. Hong Kong Station and Central Station are located within one bigger station well connected by air-conditioned tunnels and escalators.

Klook, a travel ticketing site, offers discounts on Airport Express journey tickets (originally HK$115.00 one way). A single-journey ticket to Hong Kong Station is HK$86.00 and a return ticket between Hong Kong Station and Airport Station is HK$148.00. After purchasing a ticket online or through the app, you will get a QR code. You can then swipe the code at the gate to enter and leave the station.

You can also buy tickets at the airport.

Cheapest: Airport bus + MTR

Airport to Tung Chung Station -> Hong Kong Station (~60 minutes/HK$26.40)

You can take one of the S buses that runs between the airport and Tung Chung Station, the nearest MTR station to the airport excluding the stations on the Airport Express Line.

S1 is the most frequent bus (HK$3.50). Get off at Tung Chung Station and take the Tung Chung Line (orange line) towards Hong Kong Station.

The fare of the journey is HK$26.00 but is slightly cheaper (HK$22.90) if you use an Octopus Card.

Convenient but slow: Shuttle bus to hotel

While more expensive than the bus+MTR option and slower than the Airport Express option, a shared shuttle bus from the airport to your hotel costs less than the Airport Express and if your hotel is in Kowloon or Central, you can check-in straight after disembarking the shuttle bus.

book the shuttle online. The fare to hotels in either Kowloon or on Hong Kong Island is HK$68.00. If you’re after something a little more luxurious, there is a “business class” option with more spacious seating for HK$119.00.

Daunted by the idea of toting your bags all that way? Luggagent can transfer your luggage from the airport to your accommodation, and vice versa.

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