It may be a cliché to describe Hong Kong as a shopping paradise—especially as more and more affordable hidden gems are being replaced by homogenized shops that you can find elsewhere in the world. But for those who know where to go and what to shop for, Hong Kong is truly still a heaven for shoppers on any budget. Read on for our recommendations of best Hong Kong shopping neighbourhoods.

Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay Sogo Hong Kong
Photo by Hiufu Wong

If you have the stamina of a marathon runner and not afraid of braving the crowd, Causeway Bay is the best place to shop for the latest trends and hang with the most fashionable crowds.

SOGO Department Store, Times Square, Lee Gardens and Fashion Walk are the biggest luxury shopping complexes in the area. Hysan Place (part of Lee Gardens) is home to a three-floor Eslite, a Taiwanese bookstore that sells a wide range of books and lifestyle products.

Smaller shopping centres like Island Beverley and LaForet are packed with independent boutiques, most selling clothes imported from China, South Korea and Japan. Fitting rooms are usually not available in these stores.

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Jardine’s Bazaar | Photo by Gregory Lane

Jardine’s Bazaar is a road flanked by vendors selling cheap souvenirs and fun stockings.

Don’t forget to look up and you may find more interesting select stores and budding local designs hidden in many of the old walk-up buildings.

Bargaining is mostly unnecessary if prices are clearly stated, but there is no harm in asking for a small discount if you’re getting more than one item.

Kwai Fong

Love treasure hunting? Kwai Fong is for you. Boasting more than 1,000 mini shops, the four-storey Kwai Chung Plaza next to Kwai Fong MTR Station is a labyrinth of affordable clothes and accessories. Dubbed a “grassroots shoppers’ heaven”, it’s where the locals shop and eat without breaking the bank. Be prepared to get lost.

The Starstreet Precinct

Comprising just a few unassuming alleys, the Starstreet Precinct (including Wing Fung Street, Star Street, Sun Street, Moon Street and St. Francis Yard) has been transformed into an eclectic hipsters’ hangout in recent years. The district is packed with cool cafes and select shops.

Kapok, one of the pioneers and longest established shops in the area, stocks playful and tasteful fashion and lifestyle brands from around the world.

You should also check out Odd One Out for beautiful graphic arts and prints as well as White Do Lab for cute homeware and natural handmade soaps.

Tsim Sha Tsui

It can be an extremely stressful experience to shop in uber-touristy Tsim Sha Tsui. Home to Hong Kong’s biggest shopping mall Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui is a stop any shopper/tourist can’t miss.

K11 MUSEA to do
Photo by Hiufu Wong

A 10-story flagship mall, K11 Musea opened in October 2019, along the brand new Star Avenue. Located inside the art and design district Victoria Dockside, the mega retail and dining destination doubles as an alternative museum.

Granville Road is flanked by smaller boutiques with affordable non-branded clothing items.

Chungking Mansions

Chungking Mansions tst
Photo by Chris Kirkland

Tsim Sha Tsui is also where the infamous Chungking Mansions building is located.

Chungking Mansions is a 17-storey maze of dirt-cheap hostels, authentic Indian foods and dozens of shops that make you feel like you’re in a bustling local street market in Southeast Asia or Africa rather than in the middle of an upscale neighbourhood.

Renowned anthropologist Gordon Matthews called it “a center of low-end globalization” as well as a “ghetto at the center of the world”. An experience to say the least.


mongkok shopping
Photo by Gregory Lane

If you love street markets and kitschy souvenirs, Mongkok is a must-visit.

Tung Choi Street is where you can find the famous Ladies Market and Goldfish Market. In addition to being a bustling market, it is one of the most Instagrammable places in Kowloon.

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Photo by Chris Kirkland

Fa Yuen Street is also known as Sneakers Street for the countless sportswear and sports shoe shops offerings there. Shopping for shoes at Sneakers Street isn’t much cheaper than shopping in official shops, but it offers a one-stop shop for sneakerheads.

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Flower Market and Bird Garden are just a stone’s throw away from Mongkok. They’re wholesale markets for cheap plants and gardening tools and a marketplace for local bird owners.


Home to New Town Plaza, one of the most popular shopping malls in Hong Kong, Shatin is an obvious destination for shopaholics. But it’s not just for the luxury brands, New Town Plaza is connected to a cluster of smaller shopping centres (including Shatin Centre, Wai Wah Centre, CityLink Plaza and Lucky Plaza) where you can find independent boutiques and a wider array of merchandise.

A short walk from New Town Plaza is Homesquare, one of the biggest shopping malls in Hong Kong dedicated to homeware.

Shatin also offers a great selection of dining options and entertainment for shoppers. There is also a small Snoopy’s World theme park and a big movie theatre.


Just moved to Hong Kong? Looking for your dream dining table? Horizon Plaza, a 27-floor shopping mall in Aberdeen, is where to find discounted designer furniture and vintage homeware. There is also a spacious pet supermarket and cafe on 10/F, where you can shop with your four-paw friends.

Some high-end fashion brands, like Chloe and Yves Saint Laurent as well as luxury department store Lane Crawford, have set up their outlet stores at Horizon Plaza.

Sham Shui Po

Sham Shui Po is like the Brooklyn of Hong Kong—before Brooklyn became another expensive gentrified property market. Boasting a wide array of supply stores and street markets, Sham Shui Po is undoubtedly the best district for a fun and affordable scavenger hunt.

Apliu Street Flea Market is the place to find cheap electronics from used cameras to the latest smartphone gadgets.

Sham Shui Po is a crafterès paradise. | Photo by Christy Choi

Yu Chau Street and the area near Ki Lung Street sell accessories, crafts and fabrics at wholesale price. Read our full guide on crafts and textile shopping in Sham Shui Po.

toy street shopping
Photo by Gregory Lane

Fuk Wing Street, meanwhile, mostly focuses on children’s toys.

hong kong shopping neighbourhoods
Foreforehead | Photo by Foreforehead

Cheap goods aside, the area has also welcomed a number of hip design stores. Foreforehead is an adorable art store and gallery hidden in an attic showcasing both cool designs and affordable arts. Shop Little Two is a treasure trove of childhood memories.

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