This comprehensive list of online shops offering grocery delivery in Hong Kong is for those who have an empty fridge and the closest supermarkets are too far (two blocks away) or are cooped up at home because of COVID-19.

Our list includes everything from the almightly online supermarkets, awesome markets (selling local organic vegetables), an online grandmom-and-pop shop, and a tried-and-tested online shop that lets you choose groceries just for the dishes you want to make and nothing more.

Note: These online grocery shops may have a slightly different delivery policy for different areas in Hong Kong. Most charge an additional fee for delivering to remote areas. Please check before making your purchases.

Online supermarkets

yuu to me

yuu to me app
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  • Delivery fee: HK$50.00
  • Free delivery: for orders over HK$500.00
  • Delivery time: 1 hour to 2 days

If you’re living in Hong Kong, you probably would have had the misfortune to hear the mind-numbing “yuu” theme song — or the Cantonese version of “Uptown Girl” — while grocery shopping in a supermarket.

yuu, dubbed the biggest rewards club in town, has over 4 million members. (That’s more than half of the city’s population).

The app-based rewards club lets you earn points and rewards when shopping at any of the brands under DFI Retail Group, including Wellcome, Market Place, 7-Eleven and IKEA.

Now, there is a way to shop at one of the yuu shops without hearing the overly catchy tune — enter yuu to me delivery platform.

The new yuu to me platform, a new function in the app, allows users to order from its supermarkets (Wellcome, Market Place), health and beauty shops (Mannings) and convenience stores (7-Eleven) on the built-in platform.

From our experience, the earliest delivery time is within 24 hours if you place an order before 2 p.m.. Customers in certain areas will have a rapid one-hour delivery option. We tried the rapid delivery option and the ordered items, including a tub of still-frozen ice cream, arrived within 15 minutes.

Its interface still needs some improvement but with plenty of coupons — automatically applied at checkout — it helps you to overlook any shortcomings.

Plus, the products come from your closest online-to-offline shop. That means shortening the travelling distance of your goods and reducing your carbon footprint. There is also less packaging compared to some other delivery sites where every item is individually boxed and wrapped.

The yuu to me platform doesn’t include other brands under the group for now. So if you’d like to order a cake from Maxim’s Cakes or a coffee table from IKEA, it will direct you to those brands’ individual e-commerce platforms.


HKTV Mall Hong Kong online supermarket

  • Delivery fee: HK$80.00
  • Free delivery: for orders over HK$350.00 for VIP members and HK$500.00 for regular members
  • Delivery time: Around 3 to 5 days

Working with over 500 vendors from Hong Kong and overseas, HKTVmall might be the best one-stop e-shop for groceries and beyond. That means you can order groceries and a fridge all in one go!

With HKTVmall, some fresh vegetables and fruits are available, but meat and seafood are frozen. It’s especially great for newer items like vegetarian meat and craft beers.

While most supermarkets work with a limited number of brands and small individual stores, which may not offer a whole range of products, HKTVmall’s selection can save you from visiting multiple stores to get what you need.

Prices are competitive and options are plenty. You can compare prices, delivery time and vendor info before making your purchase.

You can also choose to pick up from your closest HKTVmall O2O Shops.


Hong Kong supermarket ParknShop

  • Delivery fee: HK$50.00 for orders under HK$600.00
  • Free delivery: for orders over HK$600.00
  • Delivery time: Ranges from 8 hours to 10 days, depending on if you can snag a timeslot when ordering. Same-day delivery is available if you order before 11 am.

One of the two major supermarket chains in Hong Kong, ParknShop has a pretty comprehensive online offering—except for fresh seafood, which you can sometimes buy from its physical stores.

It offers a wide array of fresh vegetables and chilled meat in addition to canned goods, frozen food and pet food. There are also some party supplies.


Hong Kong supermarket Wellcome

  • Delivery fee: HK$30.00 for orders under HK$500.00
  • Free delivery: for order amount over HK$500.00
  • Delivery time: If you order before 9 am, the earliest slot is 6 pm–10 pm the next day. If you order after 9 am, your order will be delivered the following day at the earliest.

ParknShop’s archnemesis, Wellcome offers similar products as ParknShop.

The delivery fee is cheaper than ParknShop, but it doesn’t offer same-day delivery.

Fresh groceries

online grocery delivery hong kong
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Jou Sun

Jou Sun

  • Delivery fee: HK$60.00 for orders under HK$400.00
  • Free delivery: for orders over HK$400.00 or over HK$200.00 for Green Delivery
  • Delivery time: Order by 8 pm to get next-day delivery.

If you’re looking for fresh groceries from trusted local farms, Jou Sun, “good morning” in Cantonese, is for you.

An online platform for farmers’ produce from Hong Kong and beyond, the site offers a wide range of vegetables, local pork, chicken and seafood—many of them organic.

The company also uses Green Delivery, which means using existing delivery routes by SF cold chain vehicles instead of operating additional vehicles to fulfil orders.



  • Minimum order: HK$168.00
  • Delivery fee: HK$30.00
  • Free delivery: for order amount over HK$360.00

Deliverz2u sits somewhere between a traditional food delivery company and an online grocery shop.

It lets customers shop groceries according to the dish they want to make—be it braised beef tongue with red wine or spicy pepper beef with onion.

The website is in Chinese. For non-Chinese readers, you may need to use a translation widget to navigate around. The recipes are in both Chinese and English.

The second tab from the left 我要買餸, or, as Google incorrectly translated, “I want to buy rice cake” is where you can go in and pick your dishes.

You can pay by cash at the door, PayMe, FPS or bank transfer. Paying by credit card will add a 5% surcharge to your bill.

Local Fresh

  • Minimum order: HK$250.00
  • Delivery fee: HK$28.00 for some area but mostly free

Local Fresh is a local app that lets you order local seasonal fish and vegetables. It’s one of the few options for ordering fresh seafood for delivery in Hong Kong.

You can download the app on Google Play or the App Store.

Fresh oysters and frozen meat

seafood delivery
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Food Monster

Online grocery Food Monster

  • Minimum order: HK$600.00
  • Free delivery: For orders over HK$600.00

Food Monster offers a good selection of frozen meat and seafood as well as fresh sashimi from Japan and fresh oysters from France.

It’s also a great place for ordering ingredients for a hot pot dinner or a barbecue party.

The website is only available in Chinese, but is easy to navigate if you have the Google Translate extension on your browser.

You can pay by cash at the door.

Elder Shop

Grocery store Eldershop

  • Delivery fee: HK$50.00 for Kowloon and the New Territories and HK$80.00 for Hong Kong Island
  • Free delivery: for order amount over HK$300.00

Elder Shop by Ginko House is a social enterprise that aims at promoting senior employment in Hong Kong.

The company offers training and jobs for senior citizens who want to go back to work.

It stocks a number of frozen meat and condiments. It also offers ready-to-eat cooked food as well as soup ingredient packs for those who don’t want to do a lot of cooking.

The website is in Chinese and is slightly harder to navigate than other online shops on this list.

This article was first published in April, 2020. The latest update was in June 2022.