Hong Kong’s 25th country park, Robin’s Nest Country Park, opened on March 1, 2024. Here’s what you need to know.

Where is Robin’s Nest?

Views of Shenzhen from the wetland zones in Hong Kong. | Photo by CHUNYIP WONG/iStock via Getty Images

Nestled deep in the New Territories, the newly opened Robin’s Nest Country Park is in Sha Tau Kok, close to the border with Mainland China. Some lookout points offer views of Shenzhen, just a stone’s throw away (if that) from Hong Kong.

This area is remote and relatively untouched by development, with various species of flora and fauna calling it home, including the rare Chinese Grassbird.


Currently, two trails are open: the Robin’s Nest Country Trail and Lin Ma Hang Country Trail.

However, according to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD), avid hikers can expect to see a complete network of trails, along with picnic and viewing spots, in the months and years to come.

How to get to Robin’s Nest

Put simply, Robin’s Nest is not easy to get to. But the journey is the destination (or something like that), right?

Hong Kong Cheapo recommends: Central MTR —> Mong Kok MTR —> Kowloon Tong MTR —> Sheung Shui MTR —> Minibus 55K —> Tam Shui Hang

From Central, hop on the (red) Tsuen Wan line to Mong Kok Station. Take the (green) Tiu Keng line to Kowloon Tong Station. Switch to the (light blue) East Rail line to Sheung Shui Station. Take exit A1. From there, cross the street to the minibus stations and take minibus 55k to Tam Shui Hang.

According to the AFCD, you’ll need to walk along Shan Tsui Village Road and then the connecting path for around 30 minutes to arrive at the start of Robin’s Nest Country Trail.

Walk along the Robin’s Nest Country Trail (3.5 km) for 2 hours to arrive at the junction with Lin Ma Hang Country Trail. Continue to the Ling Ma Hang Country Trail (2.6 km) for 1.5 hours to arrive at Lin Ma Hang Village. Then, use the connecting path to walk for 20 minutes to arrive at Lin Ma Hang Road.

To get back into the city, take minibus 59K and alight at Sheung Sheu MTR station (roughly 40 minutes).

What to do after

If you have time and energy after your hike, it’s more than worth exploring the back alleys of Sheung Shui. | Photo by seaonweb via Getty Images

After the strenuous hike, you might find yoursef more than a little peckish. Luckily, the Shek Wu Hui Cooked Food Centre, about a 20-minute walk or 9-minute bus ride from Sheung Shui MTR station, offers local dishes at very reasonable prices.

Shek Wu Hui Market, also in the vicinity, is said to be one of Hong Kong’s oldest markets.

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