Mention the word “market” in Kowloon, and most people think of Hong Kong’s two biggest and most famous ones: the Temple Street Night Market, and the Ladies Market.

However, nearby in the Prince Edward area lay three really special and quirky markets that tourists should not miss out on. Each one is unique in its own way, with a focus on one particular thing for sale. Even though you probably won’t be taking back a goldfish, (but don’t you wish you could?), these three markets are very interesting, and worth wandering around, even if just to take some great pictures.

Here’s our self-guided walking tour of the three special Kowloon markets markets, plus other things to see and do nearby.

The Goldfish Market

kowloon markets - goldfish
Photo by Emily Dickson

Our tour of Prince Edward starts at the Goldfish Market, which is situated just south of Prince Edward MTR Station, or just north of Mong Kok MTR Station. It’s centred around Tung Choi Street North, a short walk from bustling Nathan Road. Don’t worry, you can’t miss the Goldfish Market—shop after shop after shop is filled to the brim with bags of live fish, aquariums, and colourful creatures of all shapes and sizes. Bags full of fish hang on every sidewalk for people to admire. Some shops sell baby turtles, and even frogs. You won’t be able to resist snapping some pictures of this unique sight.

The Flower Market

After reaching the end of Tung Choi Street North, head around the corner to the Flower Market. Flowers have been sold here for so long that the street’s official name is Flower Market Road. And, as you probably guessed by now, every shop here focuses on fantastic flowers. Walk through this vibrant road and enjoy the visual feast of flowers exploding in a sea of colour. If you’re from a cold climate, take a close look at the unbelievable orchids, and other other exotic flowers that you won’t easily find outside of Asia.

The Bird Market

bird garden mong kok
Photo by Emily Dickson

Flower Market Road will lead you directly to the Bird Market on Yuen Po Street. Officially called the Yuen Po Bird Garden, it’s a small lane with an ornate Chinese wall and some stone benches in the shade for sitting out. It’s a popular spot for older gentlemen to take their birds ‘for a walk’ and to socialise with other bird owners.

You’ll also find shops selling intricately made wooden birdcages, which do made a very special souvenir, even if you don’t have a bird. Look closely and you’ll find tiny shops selling bags of live grasshoppers and crickets as bird food! The old men are said to feed the birds a tasty live morsel with chopsticks.

Pro tip: Join this private Engligh walking tour for two showcasing the best of Kowloon’s market scene. It’s reasonably priced for how many sights you’ll cover in an afternoon!

Other nearby attractions

If you’ve enjoyed perusing Prince Edward’s three special markets, but still have some energy left, there are a few more sights to see.

Street Market and Sneaker Street

Heading back towards Mong Kok MTR Station, you’ll find Fa Yuen Street Market, on Mong Kok Road. This is a great opportunity to see normal, daily life for Hong Kong people. Unlike the Ladies Market or Temple Street, this market is primarily for locals and you’ll find stalls selling a wide variety of items for daily life.

One part of Fa Yuen Street Market has a line of shops selling nothing but sports shoes and running shoes, giving it the nickname Sneakers Street. If your walking shoes are getting a bit worn out, this is a good place to get a replacement!

80M Bus Model Shop

Fans of Hong Kong’s public transportion will love popping in to the 80M Bus Model Shop, located on Sai Yee Street, just south of the Flower Market. This hobby shop sells super cute collectible bus models, not only of Hong Kong buses and mini-buses, but also things like British double decker models. A tiny Hong Kong bus is sure to make a great souvenir.

Ladies’ Market

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Head south on Nathan Road towards Mong Kok MTR Station and you’ll soon see the signs pointing you towards the massive Ladies Market. Yes, it’s a tourist trap, but it’s also shopper’s heaven. The stalls sell such a wide variety of goods, including bags, shoes, souvenirs, Chinese tea sets, toys, and a million other things you never knew that you needed. Don’t forget, you need to bargain hard!

What to eat and drink

Prince Edward area and all along Nathan Road is full of great food options, from local comfort food to dim sum, tiny noodle shops and sushi joints, international cuisine, and fancy bars.


One Dim Sum

kowloon markets
But you should definitely order the Shanghai style Xiao Long Bao | Photo by

This little dim sum shop is well known for its tasty menu, which thankfully also comes in English. Take a seat and enjoy some good old fashioned har gao, char siu bao, siu mai, and more. Not sure what to order? Check out our beginner’s guide to what to order at dim sum restaurants.

Cafe Paradise

Not feeling for dim sum today? No worries, how about some all-day breakfast? Cafe Paradise also serves delicious pastas, salads, risotto, and amazing desserts. Prices are really reasonable too, and the menu is also in English.


MOKO is a swank shopping mall in Prince Edward, with lots of food and drink options insde. You’ll have a wide choice of sushi, Vietnamese, Chinese, Western, desserts, coffee shops, and more. Plus, if you’re doing this walking tour in the heat of summer, you’ll appreciate that sweet, sweet air conditioning.

Bars and pubs

Lab Eat Shisha Lounge

You’ll love the gorgeous outdoor lounge located at the 5th Floor of T.O.P. The shisha is available any time of day, and the happy hour specials are a great excuse to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view of one heck of a busy city.

Lion Rock

Aerial view of Kowloon District in Hong Kong
Aerial view of Kowloon District and Lion Rock | Photo by Yung

Located inside the Royal Plaza Hotel on Prince Edward Road, Lion Rock is a snazzy little bar with great views of the towering rock from which it got its name. This bar, which is across the road from the Bird Market, has just shy of 200 cocktails to choose from!

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