Walking into International Curry House is like visiting your quirky grandaunt’s home.

It’s nostalgic, homey and slightly intimidating—except you will be welcomed by a Chinese deity statue above the bar table and whiffs of curry and herbs.

An overview

Curry Chicken
Photo by Hiufu Wong

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Value for money: 4/5
Price per person (dinner + drink): HK$120.00 (prices for some of the dishes are listed at the end of the story)

The International Curry House has been serving curry since its opening in 1984. In its prime days, its two branches were frequently packed and a favourite among celebrities and politicians in town.

Nowadays, the small original shop still stands on Tai Wong East Street, Wan Chai, among a crop of hip young shops such as Bakehouse and NOC.

International Curry House Interior
Photo by Hiufu Wong

If you aren’t a curry expert, it may take some time and effort to choose your food. Its menu offers about a dozen types of curry for each type of food item (including fish, chicken, prawn and mutton).

Some international favourites like Rendang Padang (Padang-style beef curry in a darker colour) and Asam fish (the fiery and sour curry from Malaysia).

Some are less familiar like Blandah Chicken (or its Chinese name Dutch Chicken) or Ceylon White Curry (also non-spicy chicken).

You can also find a range of dry curry (Dry African Chicken, anyone?), curry fried rice and udon and a smaller range of non-curry appetizers.

What to order at International Curry House

International Curry House menu
Photo by Hiufu Wong

The legendary shop is said to be the last place to sample the curry recipes passed down from the executive chef of the old Macanese governor.

The curry sauces are generally more appetizing than the meat served inside it. They’re mostly on a milder scale.

Its Kuruma curry is creamy and flavourful without the fiery sensation.

But for those who can handle a bit of spice, they should try the black curry series (with orange peels and liquorice in addition to the usual herbs like clove and cinnamon).

International Curry House Pork Cutlet Curry
Photo by Hiufu Wong

One of our favourites is the bigger-than-your-face Deep Fried Pork Cutlet with curry.

The pork cutlet has a crispy crust with tender meat—although the batter could be too thick sometimes. You can choose the spice level of your curry.

Other highlights are the Satay Skewers with sweet peanut sauce, Vegetable Samosa and Paratha.

International Curry House Paratha
Photo by Hiufu Wong

The portion is generous, and the price is reasonable.

A dinner party of five could share three main dishes, two to three side dishes and a few helpings of paratha.

You can always ask for recommendations—but don’t expect an in-depth explanation of the menu. The very friendly but not exactly hospitable servers would typically recommend something according to your preferred spice level.

It also has a cheap corkage for HK$40.00 per bottle.

Menu prices

Pork Satay Skewers (6 pcs) HK$70.00
Vegetable Samosa (6 pcs) HK$45.00
Pork Cutlet and Curry HK$96.00
Kuruma Chicken HK$105.00
Paratha HK$25.00

Prices accurate at the time of writing. Subject to change.

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