Pet relocation services: the VIP treatment for your furry companions. Think of them as the travel agents for pets, handling all the bureaucratic hoopla, securing first-class crates, and making sure your four-legged friend jets off in style.

These services help owners navigate health certificates and other documentation, compliance with regulations, customs clearance, and more, ensuring your pet’s journey is as smooth as possible.

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Compare pet relocation services

ServiceAnimal TypesIPATA MembershipBooking
Ferndale Kennels and CatteryDogs, cats, and others including birds, exotics, and small livestockYesHead to the official website
Crown RelocationsDogs and catsWorks with a network of network of IPATA specialistsHead to the official website
PetMoversHKDogs, cats, and others including birds, exotics, small livestock, and horsesYesHead to the official website
RelopawsDogs and catsYesHead to the official website
Pet Export VetDogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and exoticsYes, plus guidance from an IPATA-registered veterinary surgeonHead to the official website
Moving your pet overseas can be stressful. Let pet relocation companies handle the logistics. | Photo by Su Arslanoglu/E+ via Getty Images

1. Ferndale Kennels and Cattery

Ferndale Kennels and Cattery, one of our top picks for pet boarding services, also boasts expert pet travel consultants trained to handle the complexities of pet transportation. With a global reach, they have extensive experience exporting pets in and out of Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau. They’ve successfully transported pets worldwide, from Poland to Chile and New Zealand. Offering door-to-door or door-to-port estimates, Ferndale’s comprehensive services include personalized consultations, worldwide shipping, handling agents globally, and plenty of insurance options.

Contact: +852 2792 4642

Location: SX-2031, Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung Country Park
Animal Type: Dogs, cats, and other pets.
Price: Since each situation is unique, you’ll need to head to their website and fill in details to get an accurate quote.

2. Crown Relocations

While Crown Relocations is primarily recognized as a domestic and internal relocation company, they also provide assistance with pet relocation. They have a broad network of skilled pet transfer specialists certified by International Pet and Animal Association (IPATA). Crown assists you in navigating registrations, addressing special travel requirements, and adhering to medical regulations between your destinations.

Contact: +852 2636 8399; WhatsApp: +852 6971 2376

Locations: Various office locations, including Suite 2001, 20/F, YF Life Centre, 38 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai
Animal Type: Dogs and cats.
Price: Fill in the necessary details to get a quote through their website.

3. PetMoversHK

PetMoversHK provides the entire suite of pet relocation services: Travel arrangements and bookings based on the most direct and pet-friendly flights, door-to-door pickup anywhere in the world, consultation on special requirements and quarantine laws, documentation, customs clearance, and kennels approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

In addition to being a member of IPATA and boasting locations in Hong Kong and Macau, PetMoversHK says it has previously transported crocodiles, aquatic animals, rodents, and rabbits, in addition to conventional pets like cats and dogs.

Contact: +852 3404 0061 (Hong Kong); +853 6243 0335 (Macau);

Locations: Room 1703, Landmark North, Sheung Shui, Hong Kong and Rua De Seng Tou, Nova Taipa Garden, BL.25, 19Andar-D, Taipa, Macau
Animal Type: Dogs, cats, other small animals, and more.
Price: Fill in the necessary details to get a quote through their website.

4. Relopaws

Relopaws, an IPATA-affiliated pet transport specialist, handles export, import, and transit moves tailored to individual needs. They prioritize treating pets as cherished friends, not cargo, advising against sedatives and providing helpful preparation tips instead, as well as advice on transporting brachycephalic or snub-nosed dog breeds such as pugs that airlines have begun banning.

If you’re curious to see regular updates on pawsengers, make sure to check out their Facebook page.

Contact: +852 6485 0111;
Animal Type: Dogs and cats.
Price: Contact them directly for a quote.

5. Pet Export Vet

Owned and run by Dr. Gerry Pahl, an IPATA-registered veterinary surgeon, Pet Export Vet stands as Hong Kong’s premium pet relocation company. Drawing from his upbringing on a farm and personal experiences relocating pets from Australia to Hong Kong and vice versa, Dr. Pahl understands the significance of a seamless service. He also brings special knowledge of shipping and relocating brachycephalic breeds.

Contact: +852 2403 9628,
Animal Type: Dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds.
Price: Get a quote through by filling out the online enquiry form.

Snub-nosed breeds, which includes pugs, shih tzus, and boxers, face more challenges when it comes to relocation. | Photo by JuFagundes/E+ via Getty Images

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