1. This competition is open to anyone who signs up for the Hong Kong Cheapo emailing list before January 21st, 2019.
2. A single person can only enter once. Multiple email addresses for the same person will be regarded as a single entry.
3. The three winners will be chosen by generating three numbers using a random number generator. The number corresponding to each user on the email list will be the order in which the user signed up. For example, the 1st user to sign up will have the number 1 while the 500th person will have the number 500.
4. The winners will be notified through the email that they used to sign up to our list. If no response to the notification is received within 7 days, the selected winner will be replaced by another randomly selected list member.
5. Each winner may choose from any of the three prize choices. The prizes can be transferred to another person, but they are not exchangeable for cash.
6. Redemption of the tour, ticket or experience must meet the conditions of the supplier Voyagin. If you are unable to redeem the experience in person, you may assign it to someone else. The price must be redeemed with Voyagin within one year of notification.

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BIO: Greg is a regular visitor to Hong Kong who struggles through Chinese menus using his knowledge of Japanese.