This temple may seem tiny, especially as it gets dwarfed by the ever-rising concrete jungle going up around it, but Man Mo Temple is a must-see while on Hong Kong Island.

Located on Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan, Man Mo Temple is one of Hong Kong’s oldest buildings, dating back to 1847, and is a declared monument.

Dedicated to the God of Literature (Man) and the God of War (Mo), the temple is known for its giant incense coils which hang from the ceiling, bathing worshippers in their sweet, smoky scent.

Visitors are welcome to step inside and take a look around this small but peaceful prayer hall, with a striking interior of red and gold. You’ll also find the statues of the gods Man and Mo, and a number of other deities and altars. Be aware that as this is an active place of worship, flash photography is not allowed, and tourists should be quiet when exploring.

Man Mo Temple is surrounded by a number of antique shops, and is a stone’s throw from the cute but kitschy Cat Street, which is full of all kinds of interesting finds, like Chairman Mao playing cards, old black and white posters of Hong Kong, and opium containers. Other than antiques, Sheung Wan has a high concentration of art galleries

Photo by Emily Dickson

Just above Man Mo Temple are two museums: the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, which has free entry and some gory but interesting exhibits, and the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Museum, detailing Dr. Sun’s career. Both are a short walk away, and housed in lovely colonial-era buildings.

Also close by is the picturesque Hollywood Road Park, a classical Chinese garden with pavilions, impressive banyan trees, and a very cool zig-zag bridge through the pond full of turtles.

To get to Man Mo Temple, we recommend taking the Mid-Levels Escalator and getting off at the ‘exit’ for Hollywood Road. Check out our area guide of Sheung Wan to get a full list of top attractions in this area, including the Dried Seafood Street.

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