⚠️ This location is permanently closed.

A cosy, dimly lit craft beer bar with woody tones and a chilled vibe, making it an ideal date spot – despite the shopping centre location.

Photo by Gregory Lane

Beer is the specialty with 4 beers on tap – The Artist Blonde, The Artist IPA, The Artist White and the Artist Raspberry. A glass holding 250 to 300ml costs $58 while a flight of 4 x 125ml glasses costs $118.

The Artist IPA, touted as a Belgian IPA, is definitely more Belgian than IPA, with the distinctive sour malt taste of a Chimay or a Duvel.

For those not into beer, there is a selection of wines, cocktails, coffee (custom roasted by Happy Bean Roastery in Hong Kong) and non-alcoholic drinks available.

There is a 10% service charge.

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