This cafe chain has branches throughout Hong Kong but is special in Stanley for a couple of reasons. First, they tout themselves as a neighbourhood cafe-workspace – so you can set your laptop up and fire some emails off without the internet being cut off within 30 minutes.

Flat whitish coffee | Photo by Gregory Lane

The second thing going for this branch in Stanley Plaza, is that it’s one of the few places open for breakfast in Stanley – unless you want to go to Starbucks or McDonald’s.

Simple but oh so good | Photo by Gregory Lane

The two free range eggs and toast for HK$48.00 were cooked to perfection. There are lots of other breakfast options, mainly including sausages and bacon for under HK$100.00. Espresso coffees with milk are around the HK$38.00 mark.

Photo by Gregory Lane

There is a 10% service charge.

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