Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay

Do you have millions of dollars? Probably not—or you wouldn’t bother to read a kickass money-saving website like Hong Kong Cheapo.

But if you do have millions of dollars, and we mean many, many millions, perhaps you live in a place like Repulse Bay.

This beautiful sweeping bay on the south side of Hong Kong Island is full of ultra luxury seaview apartments, surrounded by lush green mountains. Nearby are the kinds of things that only the truly wealthy can afford, such as keeping a yacht at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, or playing golf at the Hong Kong Golf Club. There’s even a Ferrari Showroom overlooking the beach, for goodness’ sake, plus a charging station for your Tesla.

Yes, it truly is lifestyles of the rich and famous around here. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy visiting this glamorous area as a cheapo tourist.

Even if you don’t own a Ferrari, getting to Repulse Bay is easy enough. You can take the MTR to Ocean Park on the South Island Line (ride time: 6 minutes), followed by cheap taxi. Or, you could catch a bus from Exchange Square heading to Stanley, as these pass through Repulse Bay. The bus ride is also very scenic, as it crosses Hong Kong Island from north to south.

What to see and do in Repulse Bay

The sandy, crescent-shaped Repulse Bay Beach is considered one of the most beautiful in all of Hong Kong. It is a popular spot on weekends for people who want to get a tan, lay in the sand, and swim in the emerald green South China Sea. It is also particularly relaxing at sunset time.

The beach has basic facilities in terms of bathrooms and showers, but you’ll need to bring towels with you. All along the Beach Road are lots of great restaurants, cafes and convenience stores, which means you’re never far away from something to eat or drink.

Just behind the beach, you’ll no doubt notice a striking building which seems to have a huge hole in it. The hole in The Repulse Bay is no architectural mistake; it was designed with feng shui in mind. The hole is to allow the “dragon” of the mountains to pass through the building, on its way to the sea. (Fun fact: look around Hong Kong long enough and you’ll notice lots of buildings close to the sea have “dragon holes” for feng shui.)

If you walk all the way to the southern end of the beach, you’ll find the prominent statues of Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea, and Kwun Yam, the Goddess of Mercy. Be sure to walk over the Bridge of Longevity, said to lengthen your life by three days every time you cross over it!

Repulse Bay is also a good place to do some nature walks. One gorgeous route is from Repulse Bay to Deep Water Bay, along a Seaview Promenade which connects the two beaches. If coming by MTR to Ocean Park, it’s a 5 minute taxi ride to Deep Water Bay, and a 30 minute walk along the shady promenade all the way to Repulse Bay.

What to eat and drink in Repulse Bay

The Pulse is a trendy new addition to Repulse Bay; a beachside complex with ocean view restaurants and shops. There’s quite a range of cuisines, from pizza to Japanese to the island flavours of Limewood. But it doesn’t get any better than having a cocktail at the Sunset Beach Club, The Pulse’s gorgeous rooftop lounge, open from 5-9pm on weekends.

For a real taste of luxury, have High Tea at The Repulse Bay—yes, the same building with the ‘hole’—at The Verandah. Just make sure you are wearing your finest clothes, because beach shorts and flip flops won’t make the cut at this elegant colonial-style dining room overlooking the bay.

Limewood also has a prime location on the sand, with lots of BBQ, cocktails, and seafood on the menu, and is a very romantic spot for a sunset dinner or drink.

For some budget-friendly meals, grab a slice from the Pizza Hut in the middle of the beach, or from the 7-11 next door. Down by The Pulse, you can pick up something from Market Place by Jasons, a snazzy supermarket with ready-made food to take away and enjoy on the beach.

Where to stay in Repulse Bay

There are, sadly, no hotels in Repulse Bay itself, but there are three nearby at Ocean Park, a 10 minute drive away.

The brand new Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel has a fantastic outdoor pool to play and swim in, along with a gym and restaurants, plus easy access to the Ocean Park MTR Station.

Ovolo Southside is a bright and modern 4-star hotel with a fitness centre, kids’ playground, and games rooms, making it a family-friendly option. It also has a lovely outdoor patio attached to its restaurant. This hotel is a close walk to Wong Chuk Hang MTR Station.

L’Hotel Island South has a lovely outdoor pool surrounded by greenery, and very stylish rooms, a fitness centre, plus on-site restaurants.

There are also not many Airbnbs in the Repulse Bay Area (because why would billionaires bother to rent out a room?), though there are many in nearby areas, including around Ocean Park and Stanley.

Events in Repulse Bay

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