Nov 1
Feb 28 2020

Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival


Nothing impresses like the glittering lights of Hong Kong’s skyline. Yet this November, the city is going one step further, with the Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival.

Last year was the very first Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival, and it is sure to become a fixture in the annual calendar, thanks to the popularity of its amazing displays. The festival starts towards the end of November, and runs through Christmas and New Years until February, giving you lots of opportunities to see the displays.

The Central Harbourfront will transform into an interactive illumination experience, with large-scale art light installations created by experts both from Hong Kong and abroad. 

The best way to see them all is to walk along the Central Harbourfront towards Tamar Park in Admiralty, admiring the different light installations, some of which you can walk through, interact with, and even play on.

The iconic landmark towers both on Central side and Tsim Sha Tsui side also put on special light displays for the festive season, and there’s even an enhanced Symphony of Lights winter edition, with additional buildings being lit up. 

One of the highlights of the Pulse Light Festival is the always impressive Christmas Tree in Statue Square, Central, which at almost 20 metres high, truly gives the city a festive feel.

The festival comes to a climax with the New Years Eve Fireworks over Victoria Harbour, which attracts huge crowds of people to the waterfront to see the awesome pyrotechnic displays.

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