Dec 2
Dec 9

A World of Colour by The Harmonics Choir

HK$250.00 (advance sales)

The Harmonics — an LGBTQ+ friendly choir from Hong Kong — will put on a moving musical performance on both Friday, 2nd December and Friday, 9th December.

Note: The HK$200.00 discount prices are only available for 2nd December.

A message from The Harmonics Choir:

The world seems to have been stifled by the pandemic for yet another year. Yet our yearn for intercultural exchanges and friendship remains strong and steadfast. While we in Hong Kong are still very much affected by inconvenience in international travel, The Harmonics and guest choirs will submerge you in this World of Color, bringing you choral works of different styles, from multiple cultures, and in diverse languages. We wish this colourful musical feast can remind ourselves, though we are still distanced from one another by physical distances, our hearts are still united under one yet multi-coloured humanity.

《世•彩》 是由全港最具規模的酷兒+盟友合唱團 The Harmonics 諧夢和聲,連同三個表演嘉賓合唱團一同為您呈獻的合唱作品音樂會。2022年,世界暫未完全能夠走出疫情的陰霾。但人們對與世界不同文化交朋結友的渴望卻依舊熾熱!身在香港的我們,這一刻仍然未能完全擺脫出國的限制,但諧夢和聲和一眾友好合唱團特別為您預備了這場跨文化、語言、樂種的音樂盛宴,好讓大家能感受到色彩斑斕的世界!我們希望您能透過今晚的音樂,由衷體會「彼此雖殊山海域,多彩世界心連心」的精神

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